Our services

Whatever services you require, we are always at your help. Let us have a glimpse at the various cleaning services that we offer.

House Cleaning Services

We provide the entire conventional home cleaning services such as

  • Cleaning the floors and tiles, dusting of all your expensive furniture.
  • We will wash and sweep the floors to leave the sparkling.
  • Our cleaning services also include cleaning the dirty rugs and carpets that are difficult to wash without professional help.
  • We will also provide service for vacuum cleaning the furniture upholstery.
  • Our professionals can even check the lights and bulbs of your rooms.

Kitchen Cleaning Services   

Utensils, gadgets and other kitchen essentials require deep cleaning.

  • Cleaner cleaning is an expert at removing all the tough stains and grease from your kitchen.
  • Our kitchen cleaning services includes wiping and clearing the cupboards and table – chairs.
  • We will also deep clean the stove-tops.
  • We can help you manifest and organize your messy refrigerator.
  • You don’t even have to worry about the piling garbage in your kitchen.
deep cleaning services

Internal and External Windows

We will also clean the windows and render them spotless. We have equipment that would help us remove all the dust and dirt from windows.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

The bathroom is a strategic zone of the house. To keep it neat and hygienic, requires a lot of effort . But you need not trouble yourself about it because we are pro at this job. Right from cleaning the floors and walls, to sanitizing the sink, showers, toilet seats, and tubs, your bathroom will be much more hygienic than it was before.

Note: The dirty towels and linen in your bathroom will be cleaned up . We will wash and dry all your dirty laundry and return them neatly folded and packed to you.

cleaning services

Laundry and Linen

          In our services cleaning of laundry and linen is there. If you are tired with the stack of dirty clothes and linen that you are finding difficult to clean, then don’t worry because we are at help.

  • We will carry all those dirty linen and apparels with us.
  • We would clean them with care.
  • Will also iron and neatly fold the clean clothes.
  • We will gently pack and return your clothes back to you.

So you can get rid of the huge task of cleaning the dirty laundry.

Cleaning Before and After Party

          Our Services also include cleaning the space after a party or before the party.  Most of you must be party lovers but step away from being host to the parties to avoid the mess that piles after the party. But you can conduct cheerful parties and get together at your home because the cleaning will be done by us effectively.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a deep cleaning service that we provide. During the spring when most of you do the annual deep cleaning, the Cleaner Cleaning can help you out. There are certain places and corners in the house that don’t get a regular cleaning. It is the general trend to do it once a year during spring time annual cleaning. It could be de-cluttering your cupboards, organizing your entire kitchen. The cleaner cleaning company is going to assist you efficiently for all these tasks.

Move In/Out Cleaning

          In situations like moving or shifting into a new house or shifting out of your old home, Cleaning the new house and setting up all your stuff in it, in a proper organized way is a tiresome job. We will do the entire job of cleaning the new house and organizing it.

Cleaning Before and After Construction

          You will be more than happy to know that we even provide cleaning services before and after construction work.

  • The dirty floors and dust-covered furniture will be all cleaned by us.
  • If you call us before your construction work commences, we will pack all the things properly so that they don’t get dirty.
  • We will also clear out spaces where the construction work will be done so that your valuable things are not affected.
  • After the construction is over, we will sweep away all the garbage and dust to render the space absolutely neat and clean.
  • All the bulky wastes that are generated after construction like wood pieces, old doors and windows, plasters from walls and all the other garbage will be cleaned up.
  • We also help you to remove the old accessories, sinks, toilets, floors, ceilings, chandeliers, appliances, pipes, radiators, carpets, and other construction waste and related products.
  • Before the onset of construction we help you to clean the areas of your house to create safe and easy working environments for workers.
  • If you are rehabilitating or building a home or residence, you will need a clean room for construction, inspections, final presentations, rent or sale . Inspections require courteous, well-organized walls, crawl spaces, roofs and floors to be successful. Do not allow debris, dust or dirt to hold back your building.

Cleaner Cleaning will be your partner for the pr-construction and post-construction cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning your office rooms and tidying them up is no more panic. Cleaner cleaning will help you accomplish the task smoothly.  

Office Cleaning Services

Storage space cleaning and organizing

  • We will thoroughly clean the desks , racks, drawers.
  • Our professionals will de-clutter the cupboards and racks
  • The files and huge archives of papers that had been piling up for a long time will be organized thoroughly.
  • We will neatly organize the drawers and storage.

Office Bathroom Sanitation

  • Will also be cleaning the office bathrooms.
  • We will be clearing all the components of the office bathrooms including wash basins, toilet seats, floors and tiles.
  • The janitorial services are up to the mark. They will completely clean the bathrooms and all it’s accessories

Furniture Cleaning

  • The office room furniture will be made dust free and deep cleaned as well.
  • The shelves, work desks of your office will be thoroughly cleaned.

Floor cleaning

  • We provide superior floor cleaning and their maintenance
  • We expertise at cleaning  All the carpets,  floor tiles at your office building .
  • The office floors and tiles will be effectively tidied up.
  • Tiles and grouts will be cleaned effectively

Vents and Ducts

  • The upholstery air ducts and vents need constant monitoring and cleaning . Specialized equipment and expert profession as all the air ducts and wins in your office building will be cleaned and serviced to ensure their proper functioning.
  • We design customized training programs according to your needs and requirements show that every nook and corner of your office is clean and spotless
  • We clean the Air Ducts to ensure that all your employees breathe in fresh and pure air. Will drive out all the dirt, dust ,contaminants from your air ducts so that your employees have a better indoor air quality to breathe and work in

Rugs and Curtains

  • The drapes and blinds become dirty and starts to smell foul over the time. We will completely clean all the drapery so that you have a blissful work environment.
  • Professionals will effectively remove all those dirty rug stains that no one likes to see.

Clearing out all the Zones

  • Our services also includes cleaning of employee break-rooms and office kitchens, restroom cleaning,  vacuuming of carpets, mopping the floor, emptying trash.
  • We have customized commercial cleaning service for every type of office whether it is a restaurant , a corporate office , school building, lab , garage or any other zone . We expertise at the cleaning methodologies which are suited for each of these office areas.
  • Sensitization and disinfection of your office area is guaranteed with the cleaner cleaning company
  •  Our profession is used many types of modern techniques like electrostatic spray to get rid of dust and other contaminants from the various working surfaces

Your office is the face of your business. We at cleaners cleaning company try to provide the best cleaning  services to keep your office building neat and tidy. The highest standard of our commercial cleaning service back by expert professionals understand then unique need of each type of office. We try to provide neat and clean working environments to your employees. We offer Professional building maintenance services . Believe in stringent quality control. We carry out commercial cleaning in the most scientific and practical ways.

Industrial cleaning

We even expertise at cleaning Heavy duty industrial machines with specialized equipment. Industrial equipment call for more sophisticated and methodical clean up. We have been successfully cleaning equipment of varied industries for a long time.

  •  Internal and external structural cleaning of the equipment,
  • Machinery cleaning,
  • Pressure washing the heavy dirty parts.
  • Heavy plant cleaning for the various production sites.

We will be doing all of these very effectively. Plus we have practical solutions to all the industrial cleaning problems.

All we try is to provide the best services at affordable cost. From the moment we take over the cleaning, your worries are put to end.